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You might ask, why “ SAWRINI ” ?

SAWRINI” is a just a modest, down to earth word that even native speakers find a difficulty to realize its conveyed meaning when heard from a foreigner.

For me, SAWRINI became an inspirational slogan. During my travels in the Middle East region, I kept on hearing this word every now and then; however, this “SAWRINI” request was complemented with people’s heartfelt, genuine smiles that led to further hospitable inquiry and conversations. When natives would see me holding my camera and trying to take a photo, they would eagerly direct me to their unique landmarks, which, in their opinion, foreigners and strangers like me, would not have noticed without their guidance.

I understood later that “SAWRINI” is more than just asking a girl to take a photo of you, it is an open door to the lives of these people who captured my heart with their openness and sincerity, as I constantly visited this part of the world.

After my various oriental journeys, I decided to name my project SAWRINI; a resonant word that brought wide and bright smiles to me, the photographer, and to my genuine, warm-hearted photographed acquaintances.

We strive to connect photojournalism with art in our portrayed stories.

Through our photos, we like to depict love stories. Stories about cheer and happiness. We want you to tell your stories genuinely and leave our camera to reflect your stories’ authentic vibes. All your stories are magnificent and worth the recognition, whether it is a long-awaited wedding in your family’s courtyard or a wedding that takes place on a remote, romantic island surrounded by an infinite ocean either shared with your beloved ones or indulged by you, the lovable couple.

Our primary mission is to document your life-felt emotions and to show the beauty and the romantic, eternal vibe of one of the most important days of your life. We look forward to reflect and share the important life-changing circumstances of two people who will look at our taken photos in fifty years from now and smile while tightly holding hands. Our photos will immerse you and give you the opportunity to live the memories of that cherished time, where you have not only expressed your love to each other but also when your family and friends witnessed your vows for eternal coupledom.

Our other passion is travel. We are always happy to travel anywhere around the world to document the special moments in your life.

That is why you can write us and share your most daring ideas, and we will cheerfully support them!

We hope that we can get together and meet somewhere around the World!

Don’t hesitate to send us an email for any question or inquiry, or simply just to drop a Hi.

Elena Kukoleva
Beirut, Lebanon & Moscow, Russia.
Availabe to travel worldwide.