Mountain Engagement Photos

Lebanon Mountain Engagement Photos ≡ Danielle & Camille

Under the beautiful snowy mountains of Mount Lebanon, Danielle & Camille had a romantic outdoor engagement photo session, coupled with red wine and a delicious cake.

After 4 truly amazing years together, Camille decided to surprise me with the most wonderful, magical proposal; he took me to an incredibly romantic 5 stars restaurant and asked me to marry him at the end of the dinner, having hidden the ring in the dessert plates. I was engaged!
We decided on a romantic and dreamy shoot in the snowy mountains with my good friend and great photographer Elena.
We headed up for Faraya, the famous Lebanese mountain well-known for its spectacular views, for an all-day shoot. The place was all at once abandoned, natural, savage even, and offered a gorgeous view. The weather was gorgeous, it was sunny yet windy, and the sky was crystal blue. Elena thought of all the details: the most beautiful and colorful engagement cake I had ever seen (and yummy too!), the makeup, the wine, the flowers, the rustic table and chairs... all was ready. I was wearing a white romantic dress and a shade of ruby red on my lips, matching Camille’s sweater. We spent the whole day cuddling up in front of the camera, walking on the beautiful cliff, smiling, eating cake, drinking wine and just enjoying the day. I particularly loved the moment when the sun began to fade away; the sky color was gorgeous, the clouds had taken a strange form, we began playing with little fireworks... it was beautiful.
We had so much fun during the shoot that the whole day passed in what felt like a minute. It truly was a perfect day and wonderful pictures. - Danielle